Refuse Collectors Recognised by High Sheriff of Cornwall

Posted in High Sheriff News by thstudio on 21st August 2020

The High Sheriff of Cornwall has presented the latest Unsung Heroes Awards to Cornwall’s Waste Team, applauding the work undertaken throughout lockdown to keep Cornwall clean and household waste collection on track

Alan Coltart representing the Streets Team, Zahid Chowdury representing the Refuse Team and Tylor Dash representing the Recycling Team were presented with their awards by Kate Holborow, the High Sheriff, at the Biffa Newham Depot in Truro on Friday.

“Cornwall would have been a very different place without the sterling work of our Waste Team,” commented Kate Holborow.  “The fact that they kept our household collections and street cleaning services going through lockdown not only helped keep Cornwall rubbish-free, but also our spirits up and the faith that we will get back to some sort of normality.  Cornwall’s Waste Teams put the needs of the community ahead of their own personal health and safety to keep these vital services running.  We owe you and your families a big vote of thanks.”

There are 22.6m household collections made every year across Cornwall by the Refuse and Recycling Teams, whilst the Streets Team cleans around 8000km of streets and empties 4880 litter bins, whilst also having responsibility for 34 beaches, 220 car parks, the major trunk roads and 359 lay bys.   

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